A quick question about forum banner and avatar

Hello VEX community.

As expected, we have finished both our forum avatar and forum banner. But we are having trouble uploading them.

Information about our avatar and banner:
Avatar: png file, approximately 40004000 pixel
Banner: png file, approximately 1500
4000 pixel

So, how do you upload them and display them in the best way? This is what we’ve tried:
Uploading them to the VEX forum gallery, but we had to convert the images to jpeg to do that, which brings down our image quality.
Using the image url to set our avatar, but the system says the remote file is too large. There is 100*100 pixel limit for uploading images, but it does not say what is the size limit for remote files. How did you do it? Do you have to compress the avatar to a small bit of mess before uploading it?
Using the image url to set our signature, but the image does not look as good in jpeg. For people who have those wonderful banners, like Jesse, How did you do it? Did you convert your image to jpeg?

In addition, what image size for banner do you think is the best? We might have made ours a little bit too high and I just want to make sure so that our banner does not become a distraction.

Thanks to everyone who looked at and replied to this thread.

Have you tried sites like Photobucket? That’s what we use.

4000x4000 is huge for an avatar,. You could try scaling it down in like Photoshop, Gimp, or almost any image editor (Same with banner). There are some online image editors that could work but I’m not familiar with them. JPEGs can actually be pretty decent quality, not sure what programs you have but Photoshop can save to JPEG in high quality.

For image hosting you could try imgur

Hope that helps :smiley:

Edit - see here for recommended banner size

Thank you very much.

I will create a new banner according to the limitations and upload it to some sort of socialmedia to get a url

One more question: how about avatars? How large was yours? Do I have to shrink it down to 100 pixels? That really sucks…

I’m not sure, all the avatars i’ve seen are 80x80 but I haven’t uploaded one so i don’t know if they accept 100x100. Possibly they take 100x100 but scale it down further to 80x80?

From the Edit Avatar page:

So you will have to scale down your image. The avatar can be uploaded directly to the VEX Forum from your computer on that page, or you can give the URL of an image already hosted by another website.

As for your banner, the maximum size that will actually display for a banner height-wise is 149 pixels. Any taller than that, and it will simply be cut off at the bottom. Length-wise, I would suggest keeping it at or below 953 pixels. Any larger than that will cause your posts to extend to the right more than most others, which just looks bad and can be somewhat annoying.

Thank you. We will re-design our banner according to the dimension.