A quick question I need answered

I’m wondering what the climate will be like inside the building for worlds. Is it going to be hot because there are so many people or will the AC be on full blast and require I wear a winter coat indoors? This is very important for what I pack to wear.

I always have layers. Sweatshirt and polo shirt - works no matter what the climate is.

The expo center is huge, so you really do not feel that there is so many people around you.

Freedom hall gets packed and it does feel a little stuffy there at times.

I have a better idea: Get a space suit. Those thing are designed to regulate temperature from very hot to very cold.

At the previous World Championships that I attended, I just wore a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, and I was just fine the entire time. From what I remember, it was neither too cold nor too hot, but if you are going to the after-party at the Kentucky Kingdom, bring a light jacket and a hat, as it might get colder in the evening. Also, make sure to pack according to Louisville’s weather, which currently looks like it will just be sunny/cloudy with a high of 60F and a low of 40F throughout the week of Worlds.

Well I’m from Maine the land of cold and snow, I mean I now wear shorts and a tee-shirt and its 45ºF, so if you’re from a cold climate like me you should be good

If you’re not going to be moving around much, it definitely gets cold. I was a TM operator last year and definitely needed my jacket toward the latter parts of my shifts.

With that said, you’d probably be fine if you’re on a team (scouting, going to matches, etc.).