A quick VEX spelling lesson-

OK I know this isn’t the most important thing to think about here, and I might come across as being a jerk, but I just wanted to do a quick thread on spelling something I see misspelled all the time. VEX is about learning, growing in intelligence, etc. and many times competitions require people to make notebooks, posters, etc. and spelling could actually win or lose a game for someone. If I see other stuff, I’ll edit the post, but the biggie is “motor”. I see it spelled probably half the time as “moter”, and in a non-flaming way I wanted to just post a quickie educational reminder :slight_smile:

Happy Vexing!

Edits… OK found another one.

im a horrible speller!, i look at a dictionary or google for eveything

hey, thanks for making this thread. i think we all need to watch our spelling, it just is hard to read sometimes, also it makes you look bad.

Another thing I’ve noticed is it’s not just spelling but capitalization also, and people often forget punctuation.

I’ve never seen so bad of spellers on the internet than at VEX Forum! I really don’t mean to bag on anybody, but its true(I’m getting bad reps. for this one)!

There is a spell check in the top left corner on the reply to thread page should you need to check your spelling.

I think most of us can understand what you and other people are saying but, well it’s annoying to have to read that. It’s like a 12 year old on aol, it’s not good. Also I believe it is generally considered imporper to sign your post.

lets just all try to re read our post before posting because it gets really annoying when you have to read through some of these post.
im all for the abriviating and everything but just spell check PLEASE.




Blake (an unrepentant signer)

imporper lol :smiley:



OK since I can’t edit my first post…
The difference in “There” “Their” and “They’re”
“There” is a pronoun used to talk about a particular place, event, etc. For example, “My robot is over there on the table.”
“Their” is a plural possessive pronoun, used to describe ownership to a group. For example, “Don’t touch that robot, it’s their pride and joy!”
“They’re” is a contraction, standing for “They are”. For example, “Where are the bolts? They’re over on the bench.”

And I can’t believe I’m needing to post this one, but

why did you have to post “Communist”:confused:

Some other thread mentioned it, I think it was DREAD saying something random.

So it would appear I spelled improper wrong, my bad, unfortunatly the editing time has run out I guess I might as well eat my own words.

Man I am so glad someone posted this thread. I thought it was just me. I admit I’m an old guy who picked the VEX forums as the first forums I’ve been to, and I just thought it was some sort of computer slang the young people used. Thanks for clearing this up.

Hey I’m not posting this to be a jerk, if you spelled something wrong don’t worry about it- this is a quickie help to anyone interested.

(Oh and by the way, if you like a thread, there is a “rating” menu at the top of each page in a thread. Vote for how you think the thread is doing- not say this one here specifically, but in general it can mark spam kinda things and good posts. Just to go along with the “reputation” thread, except instead of individual people/posts it’s a whole thread.)

Everyone creates typos and misspellings from time to time. That’s ok. But if you deliberately ignore conventions such as capitalization, punctuation, correct spelling, etc., just because you don’t care or because these things don’t seem important to you, then you’re missing something.

This forum is all about learning skills that will hopefully serve you throughout your life. With this hobby, you develop abilities to understand complex electrical and mechanical systems.

But communication skills are just as important, if not more important, than technical understanding. If you don’t communicate clearly, and in accordance with established conventions, your personal credibility is diminished and your message is weakened.

Yeah I know I thought it was just kinda ironic that I was talking about misspellings etc. and then I misspelled something.