A robot that splits

Would a robot that splits apart into several robots that connect by chain and wire be legal?

As long as you didn’t have blocking or entanglement issues, yeah. I suppose you could

well, lets take a look at rule <R3> part C:

<R3> The following types of mechanisms and components are NOT allowed:
a. Those that could potentially damage playing field components.
b. Those that could potentially damage other competing robots.
c. Those that pose an unnecessary risk of entanglement.

the wire and chain that you use to connect the parts of the robot seem like they would cause a risk of entanglement. hope this answers your question, and good luck with your design!

If you want an official answer from the VEX Robotics Competition GDC, be sure to post in the Q&A Forum: https://vexforum.com/forumdisplay.php?f=388

If you had a telescopic arm that can rotate 360 degrees around your start robot, with the second robot attached to the arm, that would not entangle things if it was rigid

There have been millions of questions like this one in the Q&A. I suggest that you take a quick look in that section of the forums if you have a question before posting.

In general, the answer to your question is that the robot will be put under extra scrutiny if it splits in two. Since the robots will have to be connected in some way, if you leave the connection as just the pwm cables, you will almost definitely be called on an entanglement risk. If you are able to keep your separation to a minimum, and your connecting pwm cables are surrounded by something rigid…or solid like a metal frame or similar, you will be less likely to be called but still be put under extra scrutiny.

Be careful if you want to design a robot(s) like this as it would be very easy to be DQed.

If you do it right, shouldn’t have any problems no entanglement risks and no problems with refs. Simply because if they other team does touch you, it had to have been intentional, on their behalf.

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This is what I was wondering when we had Wallie V3. We had no problems as our robot literally ripped itself apart.

this sounds awesome, just thinking though, it is probably against the rules, surely … but as long as it only uses 1 cortex/pic and is still semi connected sounds cool, might do some cad designs :smiley:

As long as there’s no entanglement risk, it’s perfectly legal. One robot that can function as two would be very impressive, and formidable, but it would certainly be challenging.

If your drive bases were 3-motor Kiwi or H-drive holonomics, and your lift(s) were pneumatic, then you could have 2 two-motor intakes.

yeh, not a bad idea, i was talking to team mates bout this and they said after the internal college tournament and regional workshop that we are running is over. we are gonna give it a go … the regional game is only swept away … such an easy game :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting, Two Kiwi drives(six motors) and either each robot has a two motor intake and a pneumatic lift, or two one motor intakes with a motor powered lift.:confused::smiley: