A robotC developer asked for this, so everyone post what you hate about/want added to robotC

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I would encourage you to create a new thread with a “wish list” of items you would like to see in a next generation ROBOTC editor.

  1. Smart indentation
  2. Autocompletion for braces, brackets, parentheses, etc.
  3. Git integration
  4. The ability to change text & background colors

Alternative: Visual Studio (or other good IDE) plugin

It’s a stretch… but letting RobotC play with Autodesk inventor or something would be unreal. Build bot, program bot, test bot. All in a technically… “good” environment.

Even adding this as a paid add on would be worth it.

This might sound crazy or impossible, but the ability to reverse engineer an autonomous would be cool. Basically, you drive the robot and it records all of the movements and values and puts it into code, or just tells you the values in a list and then you program it yourself.

This is so called “re-run” software. There are some examples of doing this on the forum. Some teams have used this quite successfully in the past.

Conforming more to standard C conventions

Better support for multi-file projects (including support for multiple source files)

Not automatically installing the MadCap Help Viewer software (make it optional)

This is minor, but I use a Dell XPS 13 which has a high resolution display, and all the text in RobotC looks blurry/pixelated, while most everything else in Windows doesn’t.

Real-time detection of compile errors like other IDEs such as Android Studio do would also be nice. And I second all of @lpieroni suggestions, too.

Also, my school’s computer science department has a class set of MacBook Pros, so a Mac version of RobotC would mean that we wouldn’t have to install Windows on all of them for the beginner robotics class. Although obviously, developing a whole new version of the software for a different platform would be quite the undertaking, I think.

A Mac version would be nice!

defenitly a rerun software, that’d be so awsome

Mmm integrated rerun. This may, sadly, take a lot out of programming for newbie teams, leading to inefficiencies in learning.

thats true, however making it easier to write would be great, so maybe not integrated, but better writing, that doesnt take up 900lines

I could see rerun being especially useful for autons after alliance selection. Many times we have altered our program or our partners have altered theirs so that our autonomous programs would work well together. Having the ability to edit your autonomous by just driving it would especially helpful in these situations.

does anyone know know how you get and replicate button presses in robot c?

Using less and less lines of code comes with experience. You need to learn how to stop thinking of code as commands the robot executes, and visualize the code as if it were a problem.

In EasyC, there is an “online window” that allows you to set outputs all of the motors, and read the raw output of all the sensor ports. My team has found this insanely useful for testing motors, cortexes, motor controllers, and more, as well as for testing mechanisms without actual code. In fact, it’s currently the only reason I’m glad I still have my EasyC license.

I’m not too familiar with all the bells and whistles that come with RobotC; I switched from EasyC at the end of last season, and I’m still getting used to RobotC (although I LOVE the debugging capabilities). I don’t believe there is any equivalent in RobotC, and if not, I would love to see this feature added.

+3 to this from myself and my team

also ugh to manually downloading firmware, if that could be integrated into whenever you download code onto robot, thatd make it so that you almost never have out of date firmware

In RobotC you can change motor values (and global variables, digital outputs etc.) just by entering a new value for them in the debug window. Your program needs to be stopped, or at least not trying to also change them.

Ok, that’s amazing. I would pay $70 for the RobotC debug alone.

How feasible would it be to add an autonomous rerun function?