A Skyrise broke causing the Skyrise to fall over and our alliance to lose.


Dear Karthik,

During Qualifying match 163, we encountered this… ^
Our partners were scoring into the skyrise and the bottom skyrise broke causing the skyrise (of 3 pieces) to fall over… We couldn’t score anything else in the base because there was a piece still in the base. We wouldn’t have been to fully nest the skyrise and make it count.

During the drivers meeting, you said that we would only do replays if a field element broke… Once a skyrise is fully nested doesn’t it count as part of the field? Does this deserve a rematch? It was defiantly match effecting, and it was a field malfunction.

We extremely disappointed and frustrated because we lost the match and it caused our alliance to lose their 1st match dropping them from 1st to 6th and losing their undefeated streak. One match means a lot at worlds.

Replays may be issued in the case of a broken Field Element. However Field Elements are defined as the tiles, field perimeter, Autoloaders, Posts, Skyrise Bases, and all supporting structures. Skyrise Sections and Cubes are Scoring Objects. Broken Scoring Objects do not cause replays. They are handled as per <SG7>.

Regardless of scoring piece or not, a manufacturing defect should not affect the outcome of a game. The broken Skyrise was stuck in the base, we were not able to score a single Skyrise piece. That takes away half of the entire game and 1/3 of the potential score-able points. If this happens it is an automatic lose.