A software suggestion for flywheel shooters using joysticks

If you are using your joystick to control your flywheel shooter, I suggest you put something in the code to prevent the motors from being thrown into reverse in the event somebody slams the joystick controller in the wrong direction during testing.

We learned the hard way that some kids, during the excitement of shooting balls across the room, push the joystick into reverse and it grinds the gears something awful. :frowning:

A simple fix is to take advantage of the absolute value function in whatever computer language youโ€™re using.

+1. Also, add acceleration (slew rate control) to help with motor overheating.

Could you explain more about this?

Not sure if this is exactly the case, but driving highly geared flywheels need a bit torque and if you directly give a still flywheel motor 127 power it will take a few seconds before the motor can accelerate to regular performance (70-80 rpm).

In the few seconds of acceleration, the motor velocity is very slow but motor voltage is the maximum, so motor current would get very big every time you start the flywheels from full stop if you directly give motor 127. This will give extra loads to motor PTC, basically like you are tripping the motor every time you start flywheel.

A solution of this would be to use program to create a linear acceleration profile that linearly and constantly accelerates the motor form 0 to 127 in a fixed interval. Every time you start flywheels you are basically gradually accelerating motors, rather than simply watching motors scream at maximum voltage. This would reduce load on PTC.

Not sure whether the slew rate control Jpearman is referring to is a constant acceleration of motor value or a constant acceleration of actual motor velocity using more advanced control.