A team with Connection problems

I have recently known this team with an incredibly competitive robot, but because they have been getting constant connection issues they have been losing finals/semi-finals every single competition they competed in. This team has done almost everything possible to make sure there is no problem. They grounded their robot to the field, put anti-static on their wheels, put foam over their VEXNet key, replaced V5 battery wire, replaced wire that connects to VEXNet key, as well as make sure they are updated to the latest 1.0.5 version. After the Battle By the Beach Tournament, which had the field even sprayed by anti-static, this team still had connection problems. After losing finals match due to disconnection problems yet another time, even after doing practically everything they can, I cannot be anymore saddened by the fact that they put so much effort into something that they never received or deserved. They have never received tournament champion THIS ENTIRE SEASON because of a problem that isn’t their fault, and I feel like this is something worth sharing. At that tournament, I helped him as much as I can. And yet there was still a problem. If you have any advice as to what to do, it would be recommended. I can forward the information to the captain of this team the next time I see him.
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  • Connor, 1814D
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