A Thank You note and a Short Story of 8059 Worlds Journey

This is a Thank You note and also a post on our Worlds journey this year.

I am sure like many of you here, 2020/21 season has not been kind to all of us.
And for us in Singapore, we thought we will remained in the upward trajectory until just 1 or 2 months before Worlds.

Blow-by-blow Account:

After confirming our Worlds spot in late-March, it was a mad rush to get that minimum 2 LRTs requirement fulfilled.
And the students took a 1 month break for their mid-year examination. Think there is no need for me to mention how important is examinations in Singapore.

The students came back to the lab right after their examinations on 14 May – just 2 days to Robot Inspections Day. They went into the lab straight after their papers ended and tried to do as much as they could.

But Covid has been a real nasty nuisance.
On 14 May night – the Government announced the entire nation is to go under Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) – basically it means there can only be a maximum of 2 person gathering at any point of time.
And all schools are to suspend all forms of group works, etc.

So we asked ourselves – can we still continue with just 2 person in the lab per team? Yes… we can… and we continued with our robot inspection on 16 May.

But guess what… 16 May night – another bomb was thrown at us…. All schools to go online on 18 May onwards. No students are to be back in school.

At this point of time, we were almost about to pull out. But we are glad that our proposal (in fact it was from the students) to have only 1 driver per team in the lab was accepted.

So for the past few days, what happened was that we had that 1 driver coming back to the lab alone, at some weird hours to compete in the matches. And then made his way home after the matches were done for that day/night.

Our drivers were driving based on the agreed strategy/gameplay set before the matches started. In a way, we were driving half-blind. And of course the no group work rule also means that 1 driver can only do so much in terms of maintenance and improving the robots.

So right now, we would want to apologise to everyone that we couldn’t bring our “A” game to Worlds this time round.

And thank you to all our alliances:
3333W (@jrp62 - thanks for helping to coordinate all those practices and meeting up)

315R (and from 8059Z – “Thanks to 315R for being an amazing alliance, looking forward to the great things you guys will achieve next season! “ )

210Y (Sorry that we didn’t get to deploy our cages)

70857B (Thanks - you guys are great alliance to have)

Thanks for accepting us to be your alliance and it has been great working with all of you.
Just wish we could have gone further into the eliminations.

And to @DanMantz and RECF – thanks for making this Worlds even possible for us. I know lots of hard work and sleepless nights must have been poured into making LRT and 2021 Worlds a reality.

For this Worlds, we are truly appreciative of every LRT matches that we can played in.

Lets all hope for a better year ahead – Next year, in Dallas !