A Toss Up Robot

Looks great. Similar to what i was thinking. :slight_smile:

The intake wheels are like ours, the drive and lift are different though.

I think drives are going to be more of a factor this year that in some of the previous years. I think they will be the differentiator as opposed to the scoring mechanism. Obviously the scoring mechanism is important but…

Yeah, we don’t have a field to test traversing over the bump yet so we may end up scrapping our base once we do. We are using an X drive with 4" omni wheels that has 2-1/4" clearance between sides. We plan on scrafing over the bump. If all else fails we will go with a 6 wheel drive or tank tread. I think it all comes down to the driving style of the team, somehow I think whatever Owen goes with will be a force to be reckoned with!

I tend to disagree. In the end, I see the bump as coming down as a similar dynamic to sacks this year. Around this time last year, many teams thought driving over the sacks would be quite a problem, and while it was a bit of a challenge at first, the majority of teams quickly worked around it and got something that rarely caught. At the same time, it did throw a bit of a mixing factor. For example, there was always those times where drives got caught when you didn’t expect, and it was always something to be considered. Basically, it was a huge annoyance, but scoring mechanisms were the bigger differentiator. I see this happening a similar way this year. We might even see less problems as people will probably make huge allowances thinking of last year to ensure the bump won’t be a problem, then focus on lift/intake.

The bump is not hard to get over at all. It doesn’t compare to sacks. You can’t get caught on the bump like you could on sacks, and it is a set height so once your drive is high enough that’s it. I prefer a 4 wheel drive to a 6 wheel drive for the bump, because it seems like the root would reach more extreme angles when going over with a 6 vs. with a 4.

Hey owen, when you get a moment, please check your vexforum inbox for a PM. hsve a good day.

I was not referring to the bump. That part is not hard. I see the drive as being important because past games have had similar game pieces and people know how to manipulate them very well at this point. The possibility of the your opponent filling up the stashes before you get there is a hue points loss as it is one of the highest value scoring opportunities. Only being able to carry 3 buckey balls also lends itself to a high speed chassis as well. This is why I think the drive will be more important this year.

I agree with ajo. This year’s game is going to be all about who can get to the two stashed pillars first. If one team could get both their colored buckyballs into both stashed pillars then its almost a automatic point boost! Unless someone can come up with a “descoring” arm then speed isn’t that much as an advantage…

Yes the drive trains will greatly effect the flow of objects which is the most important part of this game because of the limits on capacity and the ground being a scoring zone but I don’t expect super complex drive trains because they really won’t be applicable. I think dealing with maximum and minimum height limits will be where the real innovation occurs.

I agree, more complex drives (crazy holonomics, weird suspension drives, etc.) will either have issues going over the bump or will be at a disadvantage due to added weight or complexity. And there’s not really much use for a holonomic in this game anyway.

I also think a lot of teams are going to find destashing (descoring from the stash goals) to be more effort than it is worth. You would need a linear lift (which could be disadvantageous under a 12" height limit) and a very compact intake system capable of reaching down at least 17" into the goal, while still fitting under 12". And the whole time they have to keep the risk to the field minimal. Feel free to prove me wrong though, an effective descore system would be very impressive.

Even if it is possible, I will attack your chasis if you try it. Robots that can go over the bump will have some extra torque compared to a pure speed drive and you don’t want the torque trying to break your robot.

You might be able to “speed” yourself over the barrier. We don’t have ours yet, but you might not need as much torque as you think you need.

Well my robot actually kinda jumps over it. :smiley:
I will be interested in seeing all the ways teams go over the bump but you are right it wont take a huge amount more torque to go over than to regularly drive.

I see a lot of over reaction to the bump, it is inclined on either side and will require neither speed nor torque to overcome, just a little more than 2" of ground clearance is all that will be needed. The true challenge will be getting under 12" and being able to hang from a 40" bar. There is no one single part of this game that is difficult, but building a robot that does all or most of the tasks well will be tough.

Our intake design is very similar to Owens, our lift is very different though. We ruled out being able to toss balls at least initially since that seems like the least important task (we may be proven wrong here). We will be able to hang quickly with a large ball, and quickly descore the top 2 stashed balls. Capping will be a waste of time since the capped balls will be easy to descore.

I think the first couple of months will have a huge variety of designs, but I think many of them will converge as the season progresses. I may be wrong here, but I see most matches ending with the winning team having 60 or so points, and a winning autonomous along with hanging with a big ball is half of that number and very much worth doing.

My team has been talking about how prevent this from being a problem and we came up with a brake that we would use when we are descoring :smiley:

I’m starting to make “___ Talk” videos where I spout my opinions about different aspects of VEX robot design. These are based on what I have done with this robot, and may be less applicable to wildly different designs. However, I think beginners or intermediate users could benefit from watching.

Drive Talk
Lift Talk
Intake Talk

I could do additional videos on these topics if there are things I didn’t address, which there certainly are many of. I think the next ones I will do will be (not) tipping, and wiring. I might not be the best person to ask about wiring, but I can talk about what not to do :p. Perhaps I will do programming, but Cody has that pretty well covered. If you want me to talk about something in particular, please ask.

Game theory might be a good one, breaking down efficiency at doing certain tasks and comparing that to point value. i.e. it takes ten seconds to hang with a big ball, giving you two points per second, but you can only do it once.

Not sure if you wanted to venture into what is technically non robot discussion though.

Good idea! I’m into that. I’ll add it to the list.

New videos out!