A V5 "Need to Know List"

I think there are a lot of little things that keep popping up about the V5 that should be kept in a list of some kind so the kids don’t have to learn the hard way over and over again.

For example, the V5 motors do NOT use the old motor screws; they use the “regular” size Vex screws.

Also, from what I’ve heard, V5 wireless downloading is not yet implemented.

There has also been some mention of needing to reset the V5 batteries by pressing a paperclip through some kind of tiny hole.

It would be nice if an official list could be maintained so facts could be filtered from rumors, but I’m guessing the Vex people are super-busy filling orders for equipment. Maybe a moderator could do it or just tack on whatever you know to this thread.

I try and squash the rumors. I will try and get a list together.

That will help a lot, I think. Thank you!

For the time being, this resource is also available: https://help.vex.com/

I just want to emphasize that what’s needed right now is a list of what the V5 can actually do (right now) and not what the sales brochure says it will do (someday). This is part of the present confusion. For example, if I’m not mistaken, the first Vex Coding Studio webinar last week mentioned the wireless downloading capability as though it’s up and running. Last I heard, that is not the situation (yet). Likewise, the “help” documents are talking about what the V5 will do (someday) and not what it does right now, which adds to the confusion.

I wouldn’t mention it but I know kids and teachers are tripping over these issues time and time again.

At a slightly higher level of discussion, I want to add that VEX schools and teams have a choices for programming environment. I work for Robot Mesh, so I’m biased, but we ask VEX programmers to give us a try. As of today:

Robot Mesh Studio, V5 support for Blockly, Python and C++. The competition code is available today for Python and C++, and for Blockly in the next 14 days (or sooner). Browser-based on Windows, Mac and Chromebooks. Robot Mesh Studio also includes MimicCAD, which allows students to build on-line VEX robots in CAD and then program them with any RM Studio language.

VEX Coding Studio, V5 support for Modkit Blocks, Modkit Text, VEX C++, C++ Pro. Both C++ versions have competition support.

Robot Mesh Studio and VCS use the same APIs for C++. Programmers who can use one will be able to use the other with minimal retraining.

PROS, is C++ from a group of VEX volunteers and participants.

and just to complete Rick’s list

… I just ordered more yesterday. I feel a little, well… screwed.