A (Very Late) CU End of Year CAD

Hello everyone!
First: Yes, I know It is september. CU Is long over. I had started this design pretty soon after the season ended, and I decided to finish it up now and share it with you guys. As always, Constructive criticisms are appreciated, and ideas for how it could be improved.

Motor Distribution:

4 Motor 333 rpm 2.75 " x-drive
1800 rpm 30 tooth sprocket top roller
1200 rpm 30 tooth sprocket middle roller
1200 rpm 24 tooth sprocket bottom roller
2 motor intakes- 600 rpm, 4" front and 2" back.

Now for the renders! I’m afraid these are kind of sloppy- my computer was slowing down a lot, and I was running out of patience. Same for the CAD- I could probably have cleaned it up a little more, but ditto to above.

I should have some more coming soon, but they are taking forever and I don’t really want to wait on them. I would provide the files, but they are too large to copy here, so if you want them, you can PM me, and I’ll email them or something to you.
Once again, I’m sorry about how rushed this post is, and I’ll try to get better renders and get the files public soon.

Edit- uploaded more renders and files.
(wow, it’s my cakeday! Can’t believe it’s already been a year on here!)


I feel like post season design are the best because of all the experience you gain from the actual season.


Okay, to be honest, I don’t know what I was thinking posting that then. It was in no way ready.
I’ve taken some time to rework this, and here’s what I’ve changed:

  • Reworked roller system
  • added wedges to intakes for better descoring
  • Added a passive aligner for the goal
  • added screws, nuts, and box-bolts
  • added electronics
  • made much better-quality renders
  • provided the CAD files in STEP format.
    Here is a link to the google drive with the files and all the renders:
    CU EOY - Google Drive
    Here are the renders I made:




(I apologize for the mediocre-quality renders, I’m still not great at them. )