{a vex vr vrc sand box} I would like to make a vex programming tool/ game would u like to help me?

I would like to make a tool that is similar to vex VR but is a lot more ambitious I would like to make a program like “robotc virtual worlds”.

but in the end, I think it would be cool to have a robot builder would have all the parts to make a bot easier in VR (real VR not phone VR)


a programing feature where u can program your vr controllers to control the robot in vr (in the tool)

I would also like to add programming for autonomous periods. and hopefully, there will be a non-vr version alongside the VR one.

so what do u think?
feel free to ask questions… (-side note I would like help on this big project)

not much… but still like it

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Why not use RMS mimic?



because i think vr is cool and i feel like i can simplify it by using a vr platform i want to make something where u can put your clueless teammate in and they will just get it but still keeping the stuff that we like like script and stuff like that

it be out here


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not sure if it’ll work but you could try using Unity


thats the plan

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+1, the output quality to effort ratio is much higher for using RMS than trying to create your own software.


its just a concept


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Of course, I’m just supporting Tabor’s suggestion.

I was thinking about starting a similar project since I don’t have any hardware to experiment with. Here are some useful questions to get you started:

  1. How will the user interact with the tool? UI buttons, controller, read data from a file?
  2. What problem do you want to tool to solve? Within vex programming there are a lot of subcategories that a programmer could work on while they do not have a robot on hand: LVGL UI, motion planning simulator, SD card library, kinematics or dynamics simulator.
  3. What is the extent of your physics, math, programming knowledge. Do you think you are fully equipped to build the tool that solves the solution you thought of in question 2? If you don’t feel fully equipped, that’s still okay. Start with something small using the tools and knowledge that you have. Also, there are a lot of ways to approach a project like this, so the best first step is self assessment.

Hopefully this helps you start on the right path. If you are willing to update the thread with some more of your ideas and experience I might be interested. : )


This is a really cool idea. An idea I had was to have specific base control configs preset or maybe some sort of compiler to run code on the simulation just like how the vex microcontroller interprets it. Maybe you can also train a model to extract features such as weight, size, etc to make the physics more realistic.


I don’t mean to bash on your idea, but it’s not exactly a concept when you’re attempting to make this a real thing and trying to recruit people to help along with this which is why people are trying to ask some of these questions. I wish you the best of luck with your idea and hope you find the proper technical support to accomplish this.


This way it’ll be like actually programming a bot at least if teams cant really build.

Unity has a built in physics engine

well, I was thinking that I would have different modes where if you wanted to say go into “driving mode mode” so u would program the controllers with the UI I would make it a thing where if u point to it for a period of time then I would change the mode.(I hope I would be able to do all of them)

What problem do you want to tool to solve?
I want to make people understand my thoughts better because I suck at drawing (kinda ironic considering that I’m the son of two art majors)
and I would like to work on a robot because all I can do on mine right now is build it not test it
I want to make this because I want a test that my ideas work
there are a lot of ideas that I have not said yet

What is the extent of your physics, math, programming knowledge? Do you think you are fully equipped?
God knows feel fully equipped but when am I ever.
but this something I want and I think could make someone like me happy so I plan on try to will it into existence
i think if you want something you should do it for the most part

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steam vr


I love to see that u might be interested