A wet robot

Well long story short, I was being chased by the NSA and I had to go into the rain to get away from them. I had to carry the robot with me because it has the formula for cold fusion. It was only in the rain for a few seconds and when I got to my top secret destination (totally not my basement) I was afraid to turn it on because I didn’t want to fry anything. When I finally got the chance to I opened the cortex and LCD and they were dry. I didn’t get to open anything else and I don’t want to if I don’t have to, what other electronic components should I be concerned about?

If you’re really concerned about moisture getting into places where you can’t reach with a paper towel, etc., then perhaps put the robot in a room with a dehumidifier running for a day or so, or maybe find someplace (Home Depot, Walmart) that sells DampRid (or the equivalent desiccant), which comes in a hanging bag or as a powder. You could create a semi-airtight plastic tent over your robot, hang up a couple of the DampRid bags and wait a couple days. Or, if you can find only the powder, then make a plastic tent and place a tray of powdered DampRid under your bot. Just don’t get the powder on your bot or on yourself. Also, I’ve heard that DampRid is to the NSA what garlic is to vampires. Use only under adult supervision. Void where prohibited.