Ability to record a autonomous!

well this isn’t exactly a physical product more like a virtual product… but it would allow people to be more aggressive in autonomous if they were able to record autonomous… just imagine the stuff you could do if you were able to record an autonomous using driver control…

also you must be able to use sensors as well, not all based on timing!

I don’t know about you but if vex sold a copy just like easy c or robot c I would buy this programme… just simply because its a awesome idea! :):slight_smile:

This was discussed in an earlier thread.


Here is the link for it.

These programs kind of defeat the purpose of programming in my opinion

Actually, it takes a bit of fairly complicated programming to make it accurate. I guess if VEX sold it, then it would defeat the purpose, but VEX would never sell this.

I am glad that no one has posted code for how to do this because then everyone would do it and there would be no learning.

Exactly. It would take the fun out of things if teams could just copy-paste some code into their programs and not learn what each piece does.

I am very tempted to post my rerun code in spite. :stuck_out_tongue: But I won’t.

OP: http://youtu.be/lKtPZmoV9DI

Team 2442B created a rudimentary program for this kind of record a driver control to create an autonomous as well. But, we found that while it is definitely cool, and well suited for simple autonomous routines, it probably isn’t so great for more complicated routines. There can be a lot of noise coming from certain sensors, and more data to sift through from when the driver reacts to some small specific situation. It sort of wasn’t worth the extra effort to create and perfect the record an autonomous program, since just writing the autonomous was quicker to do anyways. With autonomous, we’ve always found that it is the testing for precision that takes the most amount of time, and though a recording program using sensors could give ballpark values, in the end, those things still need to be ironed out the old fashioned way. But that was just our experience. It is still cool though.


EDIT: I feel this is relevant.

I’ve written programs to do this in different ways. Surely VEX would never officially develop and sell this, it beats the whole purpose of programming. Takes all the fun out of it. :frowning:

Sounds cool. But isn’t it more concise to use LCD and sensor to make an autonomous? I don’t know exactly how it is done, but I assume that it is a fairly big program that gives motors instructions very often. I used to be really obsessed with it and tired to do one in easy c by creating a whole bunch of variables, but i find using an LCD to display encoder values a easier way to do it.

Better is subjective.

Here’s the link.

Python for VEX cortex

We at 1727A have actually written a system for recording autonomous routines quickly to synergize with other robots. Using the PROS file system and a PID loop for each drive motor as well as a preset system for the lift it achieved accurate results with relative proficiency.(sadly it was completed a little late for state championships) I may post part of the code later for reference, if anyone is interested.

Since you are not going to post it i guess i wont either, Its quite fun to startle people with it though :wink: its rather impressive if i say so myself.

From what I’ve heard, even though the potential for rerun/auto auto/ whatever you want to call it, is high, simply due to the vast amount of sensors and simplicity of driving to do what you want. But, the biggest problem is that the cortex does not have enough memory to store a full, sophisticated 15 second program.

The variant made by the 727s might be able to overcome this. It copies the code onto notepad on the computer in addition to copying it on the cortex. Of course however, this acts as a middle ground between traditional and auto auto.

My rerun is able to store up to 75 seconds of auton.

in addition

I had 5 autons X 15s=75s and full voice auton chooser. Also had 45 seconds of Styx song Mr. Roboto, transformers “Autobots roll out” clip and asking girl to prom “will you go to prom with griffin or will he have to take me”.

Efficiency isn’t just something you can have mechanicly :).

Yep that i believe may be the flash memory limit available to cortex, but that is actually ok since you really only 4 often with fifth as a flex for special intraschool tactics (handoffs etc.)

I thought you mentioned a problem you experienced at worlds. Am I confusing this with something else?

Mine is event based, so its length is based on the complexity of the commands being driven.
It also uses master-slave mode so it only has to record every axis of movement. (only 3 masters were needed this year for motors: Left drive, Right drive, and lift, and 2 pneumatics)

I got it to work for my drive but its not as accurate as just using sensors the normal way.