Able to drive during Auton?

Here’s some info:
At a competition, on field for a match. Unable to drive around (as expected) before match starts.
When the TM Operator starts Auton for the field, everyone ELSE’s autons start, and our driver control gets enabled instead. What the heck is happening? Can someone help?

Attached is the .zip containing the code. (Extract, then open via Vexcode Pro). (112.6 KB)

I checked the code and, despite not building due to a missing header file for std::string, it does run and enter auton/driver when instructed by TM. You probably have some thread management issues, read these topics.


Thank you! Turned out it was the voiding issue (well-known to other programmers in my org) where on downloading, a certain line was voided out. My guess was that the } at the end of auton got voided, meaning that the while loop in driver was entered during auton.

On the std::string issue, this has been an issue that has popped up all over the place. Other people in my org have had that issue, where they couldn’t create a string because they were missing that header. Is that a known issue? It seems like it never got installed in multiple people’s computers when they installed Vexcode Pro V5 (including mine).

Thanks for the help!

That sounds like some type of urban legend, } do not get lost when downloading.

If you want to use std::string, or any other C++ standard library feature, you need to include the relevant header, in this case

#include <string>

It’s not a bug, VEXcode deliberately does not include headers that may not get used.