Abnormal LED blink of V5 battery

I suffered a problem when I was charging my V5 battery.

At the beginning, the 4 signal lights on the battery blinked normally to indicate the charging process. They were all green.
However, the 1st LED suddenly turned to red and remained, while the 2nd one turned to green and started to blink regularly.
At the same time, the other one of my batteries had the similar problem. The 1st LED turned red and remained, while the 3rd LED turned to green and blinked regularly.

I guessed there’s something wrong with the batteries so I unplugged them from the power socket. Well, the situation continued for several minutes until they got asleep. All LEDs turned off.

Then I tried to press the button on the battery. Firstly, all 4 LEDs turned green. Then, the situation remained. The 1st LED was red while the 2nd LED flashed green regularly.

According to my experience, there must be something wrong with the battery, and the signal lights are indicating what the faults are. But I’m not sure what happened to my batteries, and how can I repair them.

I’ll appreciate it if someone could give me a hand. :slight_smile:

Have a look at this.

It sounds like you had an over volt error when charging.

but perhaps, run the battery medic and see what that shows.