ABORTED: Unable to read file system table of contents from Robot

323X has been receiving the following error message. I have never seen it before.


They would download this code:

#pragma config(Sensor, dgtl7,  solenoid,            sensorDigitalOut)
//*!!Code automatically generated by 'ROBOTC' configuration wizard               !!*//

task main()
  while(true)                     // Loop Forever
    if(vexRT[Btn6U] == 1)         // If button 6U (upper right shoulder button) is pressed:
      SensorValue[solenoid] = 1;  // ...activate the solenoid.
      SensorValue[solenoid] = 0;
    else                          // If button 6U (upper right shoulder button) is  NOT pressed:
      SensorValue[solenoid] = 0;  // ..deactivate the solenoid.

But it wouldn’t even start the downloading process. It would just freeze for about 15-20sec, then pop that error message up.

Does anyone know what is going on?

They have re-downloaded all the firmwares, and they are using ROBOTC v3.62.


Are you sure everything’s been wiped and reflashed? It’s nothing wrong with the code. The flash memory in your cortex is messed up.

Make sure you’ve wiped everything. If that doesn’t work, then I guess it’s time to RMA.

EDIT: Wait, how did they even manage to reflash if the file system’s broken?

I am positive.

Okay, I will send both of our corti (?) in because the other one, port 10 is dead.

Slow down.

Has the ROBOTC firmware been correctly loaded? This message usually happens when something like a master firmware upgrade is done and then the ROBOTC firmware not loaded.

The most likely cause of this problem is (prioritized)

  1. Human error
  2. Problem with the PC
  3. Problem with the download cable
  4. problem with the cortex

I’ll re-download both again just to make sure. I will try both programming cables as well.

Try resetting the ifi firmware with the firmware upgrade utility. do this on the cortex and the joystick. then redo the robot c firmware. That usually works for us. Also, if that doesn’t work, re install robot c or try it on a different computer.

Check it out. It works now.

I feel like they forgot to update the ROBOTC firmware, they just did the master firmware yesterday.

Now I know whenever I see that message, try re-downloading all the firmware.

I still need to get an RMA for one of the cortex though :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you all for your help!