About G6 in Skyrise

As expected, most general games rules did not change much in skyrise, including the most ridiculous penalty i can possibly think of in a robotics competition.
G6, same as G5 in toss up, states that a robot’s position cannot be adjusted prior to a match once it is placed on the field. But at world championship this year, i saw little enforcement of this rule. Not saying that referees are not dutyful, but the penalty is stupid. A random repositioning of your robot. What if a referee flips your robot over? Wouldn’t different “random repositioning” cause controversy and conflict?
I guess that situation would probably become better this year as teams are likely to get rid of the flipping-up rollers that require a lot of adjustments to make sure they flip down and catch the preload. But this rule is relatively stupid comparing to the maturing VEX competition.

If you have any opinion on this topic, welcome to support or criticise me.

This comes down to common sense. If you’re taking forever and keep switching positions with your ally or refuse to get in position after some insane amount of time the refs can call this rule and get the match started. They’re rarely if ever going to actually have to use it, it’s just there in case it’s needed. It comes down to if readjusting is fine tuning the angle in a reasonable amount of time or switching between sharply different angles in an attempt to counter an opponent’s auto or whatever.

Regarding the refs at worlds, they were on average much better than the ones we are used to. However, I personally saw several match changing rule violations that should have resulted in a DQ but did not.

To give an example, one of them was in eliminations where a team thats auton was supposed to come back to the tile froze, and they pulled their robot back onto the tile (it was not touching when they moved it), and then repositioned and continued their autonomous. If they had not done this, they would have lost auton, and subsequently the deciding match of the round. It was frustrating to watch because it cheated one of my good friends out of continuing on to the round robin.

I don’t think it makes sense for this rule to use the word “random” without giving further guidance on how a random position should be chosen. What makes the most sense is for the ref to position the robot in whatever they think is the most obvious legal starting position available. The word “random” suggests that they should be rolling a dice to work out whether to start the robot upside down, for example. It’s not totally clear what random repositioning is supposed to involve if it actually happens (which of course it pretty much never does).

Which match?

Edit: Nevermind, I know which match now. I think you should watch the recording; I don’t think it happened the way you describe it.

We may be talking about two different matches. I just checked again and there isnt a video of it on their channel.

I don’t think that there are any match videos on VEX’s Youtube channel. Just rewind through the livestream until you find it.

‘Their’ referred to the team’s youtube channel.

Now I know why my debate teacher always said defining your terms was important…“ambiguity is the enemy of communication” lol