About Nvidia Jetson Nano Linux OS for VAIC kits

Hello everyone! I have registered a team of VAIC Team and got a set of VAIC kits. There are two SD cards in the kits that are VAIC OS. I restored one of the VAIC OS SD card(1) to original Jetson Nano OS.

I have 2 inquiries:

  1. How can I copy the image from VAIC OS SD card (2) to original Jetson Nano OS SD card (1) to let the SD cards have VAIC OS for competition purpose?

  2. Where can I download the official VAIC Linux OS image file?

I am looking forward to your reply! Thank you!

You should be able to use the dd command… But be warned that you can easily overwrite the wrong drive if used incorrectly. Do your research and make sure you are familiar with Linux drive identifiers before attempting.


I have used the dd command to solve this problem, thank you for your help!

@RicardoChoi where you able to find out where the VAIC OS can be downloaded from? I am having the same issue, but I am running on windows.

I believe you can PM @levipope for the download. There is also a hidden VAIC section here on this forum that you can PM @DRow for access to. It is possible that there is a download link in there for this season’s SD image.


I got it from the products of the registered VAIC team that includes 2 OS SD cards. I also wanna know where to download too.

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