About online challenge

I saw the online challege for this year, but something is cunfuseing for me, would there be one winner for the challenge or there are servral.

Sigh… there is one overall winner (per division- ES IQ, MS IQ) but several finalists. The top 3 teams in each division are given an award.

As for the Encore challenge, the top 50 teams for each challenge will be given a world championship spot.


Ok, Understood, I better work hard on the project

Wait wait wait wait, does this mean that all our bot building has been in vain!!?

I don’t think so. I am still not sure what the future of the season looks like, but the Game Manual update on October 1 and this (if that doesn’t work, try this and just register) suggest that the robot building and competition for this season is still on.

There are online challenges every year, it is not unique to this year.

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