About the joystick...

Hey, the joystick is a battery jusseler. It uses up batterys fast. I’m almost thinking of getting the cheap AAA batterys. 24 in a pack for $5!! This is crazy.

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yes, this is a known issue already
and if you are going long term in the joysticks, you should invest in some rechargeable AAA batteries along with some chargers

The rechargable batterys are expensive, take a while to charge, and still go by fast.

how long is your club going to use the joystick?
would you want to go out and buy disposable batteries every time you run out?
consider the rechargeables an investment
(and think of the environment ;))

we had run our two joysticks at competition all day on rechargeables, (850 mAh i think, which is considerably less then the one time use batteries), we aslo did not have to replace them at all! this is due to switching the vexnet key back and forth and not leaving it on unnecessarily, the vexnet drains the batteries a lot more then the joysticks alone. we got back and the battery light is still green, i hope to remember to tell you how long it lasts, the key with these joysticks it to be smart with power consumption, and in that case, no worries

Were using Duracells. We just replaced them thismorning and then they were dead by the end of the day… We didn’t ever have it on for the whole time!!:eek:

fyi, our batteries which were fully charged last Saturday have just turned “orange” on our unit with the vexnet key. though we were not using it much in this time i expect that we would have lasted 1.5 days of competition use or about 4 hours of my programing.