About V5 and Worlds 2018


Sorry if i have parked this post in the wrong place, would appreciate if you can help to channel this to the right person.

I understand that the trade in for v5 is slated to start in May. Just wondering if it is possible to bring it forward to worlds. It will greatly help all the overseas teams and not to mention about the saving in shipping cost as well.

If it is planned to start in 1 May or 1st week of May, then we are talking about shifting it forward by one or two weeks ahead.
But I do understand there might be issue of production and testing. But how about allowing overseas teams to bring in the necessary for the trade in (during worlds) and have a counter to take note of the teams that have already lodged in their trade in orders?

Hope my proposal will be considered. Thanks .


Thank you for the feedback, we will consider your proposal.
However please note that International customers will not have to return their current equipment back to United States for the V5 Trade in Program. Instead the equipment will be turned in to the closest reseller or Innovation First office.