About vision sensor camera distortion

Just wanna ask, does v5 vision sensor has any distortion correction built in its camera module?

Our team is willing to determine the angle between a detected object and the robot’s orientation. I wonder whether the distortion would affect the method to calculate the angle.

Can anyone help me? Thanks!

I can’t help at the moment but I do plan to use the vision sensor in a similar way. If you can across the answer pls let me know and if I find anything I’ll do the same.

I assumed that every pixel of the image represents the light reading within a fixed angle dθ, and they are spaced equally on a circular arc around the vision sensor. (see picture 1)

Only this assumption can explain why straight lines got distorted in cameras without distortion correction, since the middle of a line contains more dθ per unit length compared to the sides.

With this assumption, I can use the equation on picture 2 to determine the angle between the detected object and the robot.

However, I did not see that effect in many cameras. I guess they have ISPs that corrects this distortion. I wonder whether my assumption is correct.

If there is indeed distortion correction in v5 vision sensor, same object locating on a straight line in front of the vision sensor should be measured with the same size. In this occasion, I should use another equation in picture 3 to find the angle.

Screen Shot 2022-12-27 at 10.19.32 AM

This is why I need to know whether the vision sensor corrects distortion. I want to determine which equation to use.

Try taking measurements and see which hypothesis more closely matches observations…

I tested recently and I saw no significant distortion in my vision sensor. Our team used the formula in picture 3 and accurately calculated the angle between identified object and the robot. Thanks!