Above vexcode

How can I collecting the cubes while my robot running?Is my code correctimage ?

And what the false means ?image
The last question::where is the difference between sleep and wait???

A picture of the robot would help. We don’t know what kind of robot it is, what size the wheels are, etc.

could you paste your code in because its hard to see the all the code and also what exactly do you want the robot to be doing?

There is no one correct way to program a robot. This is part of what makes robotics programming interesting and always offers room for improvement. The only way to know whether this would work, is to test it on a real robot. No one here will be able to do that for you. If you have a specific question about a VEXcode command or concept, or a general strategy, then the forum can help.


Typically when false is stated in a parameter for a motor, it is referring to whether or not that method will be blocking or non-blocking. If it is false, it will be non-blocking. If it is true, it will be blocking. Blocking will prevent any code underneath the method to be executed until that method is complete.

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