Accelermoter issue with VEXcode V5 Text


I’m trying to program Accelerometer 1.0 with VEXcode V5 Text, according to the product description, it has two sensitivity ranges: +2g to -2g(with out jumper) and +6g to -6g(with jumper). So I installed one accelerometer to my V5 robot horizontally, connect Z axis to V5 brain, and leave the robot on table don’t move. then printed the sensor value to brain screen, result as below screenshot:

According to the production description the sensor will detect a constant 1.0G while at rest, so the result here seems incorrect. then I made another test, which choose Accel6G in VEXcode, but removed the jumper(so the accelerometer range should be +2g to -2g), then printed the value: 1.00

So the device type here in VEXcode V5 Text was wrong or my first test was wrong? Anyone can help verify this issue?
Thanks in advance.

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any one help?:pensive:

We’re looking into it… I’ll hopefully have more for you tomorrow!

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Graphical configuration just has them backwards (ie. it’s a bug)
So the ACCEL2G is creating the constructor for the accelerometer in low sensitivity rather than high sensitivity. That’s why one is reading 1/3 of what it should be and the other 3x.


got it, thanks !:+1: