Accelerometer Calibration

Hello, I am trying to use the accelerometer to find distance travelled, but I am not sure how to calibrate the accelerometer into Gs or m/s^2. Could anybody provide some insight. Thank you very much.

Try translating it to useful units after integrating twice instead of before, easier to find conversion constant.
Also, accelerometer to determine position is a very noisy way of measurement, I suggest finding a different way to know your robot’s position.

whats an integrating

@M8R Do you know if the relationship between the accelerometer value and useful units are linear? Thanks very much.

Double Integration though is kind of iffy if you are running according to whatever output the accel is as providing noisy values will throw off the position very easily. Make sure there you apply a filter if you do go for position through this sensor. Median works while Kalman may produce better results if done but requires a lot of time and is harder to do.

@littlebro5 Integrating or Integrals are mathematical terms.