Accelerometer on robotC

How can I calculate the velocity of the robot or the distance the robot has traveled with the Vex Accelerometer on robotC?
Thank you in advance!

There is no official driver released for the Accelerometer in RobotC yet.

As a backup plan, create 3 analog input sensor values.
I’m not sure how much the data needs to be filtered or averaged to get reliable readings.

Thanks! Though I have one more question, in the vex robotics sensor products it says that I can calculate the distance the robot has traveled, how can I do that?
Thanks again.

a 1G acceleration is 9.8m per second per second.

So if you accelerate to .5g quickly, then stop accelerating (ie, you reach top speed), then maintain that speed for 2 seconds, you have gone ~9.8m.

Doing the math and the programming though, you’ll have to wait for someone better :slight_smile: