I’m having trouble on using the vex accelerometer, I’m kinda new to it and have only made a few succesfull programs for it. I want to know how would be the best way to read the values of the accelerometer, when I view its values in the debug screen its kinda hard to catch up to all of those values. How would be the best way to know what values to use with the accelerometer? Also, what are its best uses?

To help me visualize what was going on, I wrote a simple program that:
*]reads the accelerometer values into three variables
*]divides each of the variables by 4
*]sets the first three motor ports to those variables.
*]loops back to the start

I then attached servos to the first three motor ports. That way I could play with the accelerometer and see it as actual analog motion at the servos. It was pretty cool, and much easier to get a feel for than watching the numbers jump around.


  • Dean