Accessing V5 Brain User Shared Flash

Hello there!
I am wondering about how we can access the user shared flash within the program. Because as the V5 Architecture page describes, there is a user shared memory onboard the robot brain which is 32MB. This functionality would be very useful for me in my project, which is to create a program that automatically detects the forward rotation direction of each wheel and stores the direction data inside the flash memory. So every time the program starts, the data inside the flash memory will be loaded as the direction settings and the data would not be easily erased since the flash memory is not removable unlike the SD card. If we can identify the model of the chips onboard, we may be able to write our own library to access the storage according to the data sheet.

Waiting for you answers! Appreciate for your replies.

The internal flash and file system is not available for use by user code. We do have a way for a user program to store persistent data, but that API has not been exposed yet, we will add in a future VEXcode update. Trying to access the internal flash by other means (ie. bypassing the vexos APIs) may result in a corrupted flash which would then stop the V5 from booting.



Is there any update on this? Is the persistent storage accessible via programs of type “make”? (From the VSCode Extension) Or is the only solution to persistent data storage on VEX V5 a SD Card?

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