Any ideas to share, about either a shooter, claw, grabber,etc…

Where do I get the “Proframming Kit”??

u could try to build some kind of rubber band shooter! or tennis ball shooter:eek:

I meant the Programming kit

I tried a rubber band shooter, didn’t work to well. I am now trying a ping-pong ball shooter, but I have very little parts.

You can buy the pogramming kit through the Vex website

I think that the Programming Kit is the “most important/fun accessory

With the Programming Kit you can change anything about the opperation of the Vex.

without the programming kit, VEX is little more than a remote control toy. :frowning:

It depends…important items are far different than having fun parts(pneumatics(fun) axels(important) for instance)

well it depends on the person. i got VEX because i am seriously into robotics, whereas someone may have seen it as a remote controlled car that you have to put together. without the programming kit, you are virtually unable to use any sensors.


Robot, specifically definitions #3 and #4 are not achievable without the Programming Kit.

I have made a few ping pong ball shooters and they work quite well, you just have to have a lot of pieces. I have a TON of erector so that helped. What parts do you have?

the tread the metel and motors :smiley:

are you sure your on the right thread?