Accumulators, Good or bad???

Searching the forums, I’ve noticed that most of the intake ideas include flywheels. Fly wheels are very popular right now and are one of the best ideas right now. However, wouldn’t accumulators works just as fine? Not just regular accumulators, but one that are manipulated by gears. Sort of like Flywheels I guess, but I want to know your opinions and ideas on the topic of flywheels and a replacement.

The issue with accumulators is that they have to tolerate more acceleration, and have to run rapidly to compare with the speed it takes to launch something with a flywheel

I feel really stupid asking this question, uh… but what’s an accumulator? :confused:

I’m not completely sure what’s meant by an accumulator either, but I think he means a system like a choo-choo mechanism that winds up to accumulate energy and then releases it. At least that’s what I thought, maybe the OP has a picture of what he meant?

According to the resources in the curriculum, an accumulator is basically anything that collects objects and stores them.

I learn something new every day. :slight_smile:

That’s a great link, too. I’ll make sure my kids read that. Thanks!

Flywheels really aren’t all that fast, from what I’ve seen and tested they take around 2 seconds to regain momentum per launch even with 4 motors. 6-8 seconds to launch all 4 is pretty slow. Unless you were referring to the actual angular velocity of the wheels?