Accuracy or mass loading

At the richmond vex tournament this weekend, our team did farely well but for somereason we ended up in the concelation finals with our high scoring accuracy robot. I happened to notice that there were no fast scoring accuracy bots in the concelations. Are hoarders really the best design for the competition. Should I really change my whole design or was it just a fluke. did anyone else notice this. Also, we did win concelations so we couldnt have sucked that much

From competing at Wildstang Regional, the teams that scored fast (1200B, 323Z) did good. Getting your objects in the goal fast, then having time to go over descore, then score some more really helps.

I personally think that teams that can hold around 8-10 and score fast will exceed. From watching 1200B, it looked like they only scored about 6-8 at a time. They were BEAST!

so what im hearing is: dont hoard, but hold more than 2. Our bot held about three at once on a good match so we def’s need to fork on it.

Right now in the season, efficiency robots are the most effective because descoring is still largely primitive. But once the majority of teams can descore faster than score, you will be wishing for more capacity. Dumping a lot and guarding it is the only way to beat descorers, who will just take out all your points while you are busy scoring small amounts.

I believe you just have a slightly different idea of what the definition of a “fast accuracy bot” and a “hoarder” is than most other people. The robots you saw in the actual elimination matches were, for the most part, fast scoring bots. The “fast” scoring bots had capacities from around 5-12 sacks. My own opinion would place the term “hoarder” not as much around how many sacks it holds (20+ maybe?) but more around the strategy the robot employs during the match, as hoarders must be built with their counters in mind.

The descore rescore strategy works for us. At the last tournament we would only score around 40 to 60points each match off the ground. Then take what the other teams have scored and use them as our scoring objects for the rest of the match so we ended up with around 120 to 30 as the end of match score.

Our capacity was 6-8 objects off the ground and up to 20 objects after descoring.