Accurate Reservoir Model?

Just wondering if there exists somewhere an accurate reservoir model that includes the internal cavity? The one off of vex’s website is solid with two holes for the fittings.

The reservoir is made by SMC from standard air cylinder components. It’s just a standard air cylinder made with two end caps. You could download the CAD models for the same size bore “nonrepairable air cylinder” from SMC’s website and create an accurate model.

Well this sucks. I went through the website you gave me, but it seems that the cylinders on there are different from the vex ones. So I then spent the next hour searching the web and eventually found the reservoir’s part number to be NCME-0400-X6002, which eventually led me to these pages:
I then filled out all the specifics in order to download the CAD models aaaaaand the caps for the fittings are solid. You would think that the manufacturer would have an accurate CAD model but apparently not…

Therefore, it probably doesn’t exist, but I am still looking for an accurate cad model of the NCME-0400-X6002.

Check out the pneumatics section of this post. Very detailed supplier info. Excuse the brevity; I’m on my phone.

I found the Radwell listing while researching, however it was of no help since the listing contains virtually no technical details, let alone a CAD model.

Try cutting your reservoirs open.