Acer E11 Computer for $170

I just stumbled upon this computer review of the Acer E11 and am wondering if anybody has any thoughts on how it would match up with RobotC.

Our club has 12 teams and we love the price point of this machine. Do you think it would work with RobotC?

I would say that it should not have any problems with robotc. It appears to be a decent little laptop and should perform with excellence if you are only looking to use it to program your teams’ robots. I’m not positive though, so hopefully someone else will have something to say!

I believe that the startup times will be long, but it should be good enough for running RobotC. Many of the Amazon reviews say you should replace the RAM (which would be around $40 to $60 for an 8GB), so I would buy one just to try out, and if it’s okay, then get some more (it’s also cheap, so there aren’t too many worries of it getting dropped or something :rolleyes:).

If you are looking for a cheap computer to program on for individual teams, our team uses a winbook tw801 from microcenter. It is an 8 inch tablet that you can get for as low as $70 and you can get a cheap case that comes with a wireless keyboard. We like using it because it is cheap, surprisingly good quality and is very portable. It has 2gb of ram and runs robot c no problem so I assume that the acer you found would also have no issues running robot c. I just wanted to throw this little tablet out there because we really like it. It has a usb port as well as an hdmi port for connecting it to a monitor while you are at a desk if you want to and is good for light programming on the go at competitions, however it may not be for everyone. You can even connect a mouse to the tablet with a 4 port usb hub if you want :slight_smile: Just an option you might want to consider.

Honestly, it won’t have any problems with robotC. Ive been running RobotC on my potato for the last couple of months. The laptop isn’t bad, although I definitely recommend a ram upgrade. 2GB is pretty low. But apart from that, it should be fine :stuck_out_tongue:

As a side note on the topic of inexpensive tech, Amazon recently released these tablets for $50 (or 6 for $42), which would probably be more than sufficient and very cheap for scouting at competitions and other tasks. I’m pretty sure you can run any Android app on it, as Amazon’s OS is based on Android.

In case anyone actually has one of these and a USB OTG cable, would you mind checking if a USB keyboard or barcode scanner works on them? It probably should, but I’ve heard that the port may not give enough power to run anything.

From experience, I can tell you this laptop works ok for RobotC.

But I would suggest using a mouse rather than the trackpad for navigation.

Everything seams good. its cpu should offer good performance, while its ssd and and ram should offer faster boot up times. It is fanless so be sure to let it cool, and don’t use it in warmer rooms.