acmqueue Programming Challenge


See the message below from the Association for Computing Machinery’s “Queue” magazine. I don’t know anything beyond what I am pasting here; but it sounds like fun. If anyone gives it a try, let us know how you fare.

[INDENT]12 Days Remain in acmqueue Programming Challenge

Challenge ends February 7 midnight UTC

Matches are run nightly so you still have a dozen opportunities to pit your code
against any of the other 64 active participants.

Register for a free ACM account and submit your code today:


On January 11 of this year, acmqueue began an online programming competition
based on the 2009 ACM International Collegiate Programming Competition
(ICPC) Challenge.

The Queue ICPC Challenge applies the rules used in the ACM ICPC Challenge,
however the Queue competition is open to all acmqueue readers and not just
university students.

The 2010 Queue ICPC Challenge problem is a simple game called Capture.
Participants code “players” in C++, C# or Java, and then submit them to
compete in nightly matches with other players.

For more information on how to participate, go to the Queue ICPC Challenge

For a quick view of the details, read the FAQ

Thanks, and good luck!

Matt Slaybaugh
[email protected]