Activate Autonomous Without Program Harware/Field Controller

Hi, due to lack of funding, we have had to cut our orders down, meaning that all my programming stuff has been cut … bit annoying …

anyway, compiling isn’t a problem, but is there a way to test my autonomous code without Program Hardware Cable Or Field Controller

Thanks !

Yeah, put your autonomous code in the user control part of your code, and connect to the robot like you usually would. The joystick doesn’t have to be used, it just has to connect to the robot

OK ! … thanks !

Glad I could help :slight_smile:

If you are using ROBOTC, then you should be able to add the “Competition Control” window to your Debug Windows. Check out this PDF to see how to do that, as well as how to use it:


Hi yeh, know how to do this, but we dont have a hardware programming cable … only an a-a (tether cable)

Ohh, sorry about that! I completely missed that part of your post. :o In that case it does sound like the method Hason explained is the only way you could test your Autonomous code.

Again, sorry about reading that too quickly. :stuck_out_tongue:


dont worry bout it … gonna try the way Hason has suggested ! … will get back when i have tested it …

For testing purposes, you could use the controller to “switch modes.” In the user part of the code, you have your normal driver code. Then under that, you have an if command that runs your autonomous using a controller button. Like this (pseudocode):

This way, pressing Button 5 runs your autonomous program, and then the robot will immediately switch back into driver mode. This makes it much easier to test multiple times, since you can just drive back to your start position and run again.

OK ! … great didn’t think of that ! thanks