Active Intake or High speed Lift?

So we’re in a situation where our motor distribution is such that we can choose between a 2 motor lift with an active intake or a 4 motor lift with a passive intake. right now we’re favoring the active intake, because our driver is much more experienced with them and we’re not sure he can learn to control a high speed 1:5 lift before Saturday. Do you think we’re making the right choice or should we go with the 4 mtr lift option?

Have you made a passive intake that works yet?

No. Not even close.

Because we don’t have plexiglas because our robotics instructor had his appendix removed.

We should be able to get a 4 motor lift and active intake later when we have the time to convert to a 1 motor mogo intake, but the others are pretty certain we won’t be able to make that jump in time for Saturday.

Then I would suggest that you go with the active intake as your driver has practice with it. Get some driving practice in and make some good autonomous routines. Come up with a match strategy and test it with the field setup and under match time constraints.

Ok, thanks.

What is your mobile goal intake ratio?


I believe our arms are 7 inches long, somewhere in that ballpark.

I have seen a one motor torque 1:5 mobile goal intake work.

Just depends on what angle your arm attached to the gear is at when you are picking up the mobile goal.


About the same angle yours was at in your reveal with 1970k, about 45 degrees or so.

I think 1:5 with one torque should be fine if rubber-banded to help lift. And I agree 2 motor lift active intake for saturday.