Active Teams by Region

Okay so I am accumulating data to measure some aspects of my regions events and how that relates to region growth.

I’ve been digging around the VEXdb and trying to figure out how many active teams are in my region for each season there is data for.

Does anyone know how to ferret that data out?

Not all teams have registered yet. School just started not too long ago. So wait a few weeks to get a better view.

If you are the one registering the teams, you can go into the robotevents login admin button and see all the teams registered in your state. But it limits you to your local area so you don’t bother some person across the globe and you have to be the one singing teams up for events.

ok so if i wanted to get that data for a past season? is that possible

VexDB’s record of active is currently broken. What I would do is pull a list of events in your region and check team attendance. My vexdb node module may be able to help you script

I’ve seen data like that in presentations by my RECF rep. Maybe contact your rep to see if they can provide data for previous years.

i just gave this a shot and the search is returning no data… weird

“Active” isn’t a base attribute of “team” is it? If it isn’t, then it’s a derived property. And the only way to derive it is to get the whole pile of data and sort it.

Now, I assume your question is “Did somebody do that already, since the data to derive it is obviously available?”

I don’t think so, but I’d love to be wrong. I think @MayorMonty and @Gear Geeks have the helpful suggestions, as opposed to my ramble.


or This:

Is pretty much it, unless my original premise is incorrect.

i probobly shouldnt install that on the company PC. I’ll check it when I get home, thanks

I left out a really obvious and straightforward process:

Download the CSV files for all events in your region for a given year, and sort to a unique list of teams.

Then, there are still two things not covered:

  1. That list will potentially include out of state teams.

  2. The list will potentially exclude teams in your region that only attended out of region events.

  3. is unlikely, but possible. 1. is likely, but could be handled by researching teams you don’t recognize.

If you really really wanted to know, the vexDB interface of matches for your state paginated will get you a ton of JSON. Absorb that JSON into something like Mongo, couchbase, or Amazon Athena.

Aggregate on the matches and figure out somehow how to get the team info parsed across the four spots they can reside. It’s not just in one field but across the two red and two blue spots. Maybe the event team list can be better but it still has no shows I think. So it depends upon what is “active”

Just don’t send me your AWS bill…

I’ve considered this. If I cannot get the information from another query or my from my regions rep i’ll probably go to this.

I was hoping to compare my eventual data to surrounding states to get an idea of a wider trend, so this will certainly make that more labor intensive

For the day job, I have to transform a lot of data. Very often, the BFI algorithm (“Brute Force and Ignorance”) is faster than other methods. Here, that may not be the case due to the existing work of others. But you don’t have to learn much to make it work, and you’ll get results in a predictable amount of time.

And I’ll produce the Kentucky results, so at least you won’t have to do that, no matter what method you choose.

I’ll point out, though, that solving the general case using the existing tools would let other people benefit from the work. The problem with that is that producing the general solution could delay or distract you from your current interests.

Here is the data for Indiana based on data from VexDB.

This is a mix of High School and Middle School participating in VRC. Teams is the number of Indiana teams who registered for at least one Indiana tournament. Seats is the number of offered competition spaces in Indiana filled by teams from Indiana.

I think i have the analysis down pretty good, so if anyone else wants their state done, let me know. I will try to do it.
Vex Participation.png

Interesting… It’s neat to see the amount of growth we’ve had here :slight_smile:
Any idea why there was the sudden drop of seats from NBN to starstruck? Maybe certain people didn’t host a competition that had in previous years?

Reportedly there was a sponsor that pulled out and it folded a bunch of indy teams.

Also since it includes MS. IQ has negatively affected VRC MS growth

I would agree that the growth of IQ has drawn more middle school teams away from VRC, and that the effects of that will probably normalize in a very small number of years.

I do not know how much effect the sponsor dropping may have had.

Here is data for Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan. Ohio and Michigan have basically matched each other stride for stride, and so have Illinois and Kentucky. Indiana is doing its own thing, i guess.

As a note, this is from Clean Sweep to Starstruck. I was having trouble getting the season names to show up instead of the count.
Midwest Team Growth Chart.PNG
Midwest Team Growth.PNG

we’re the only surrounding state with a downward trend… that’s no bueno

We have had explosive growth in IQ the last couple of years, though. I have no way of comparing that to other states, but perhaps IQ is sucking more teams away from VRC than we thought.

I am super interested in what happened here