Actuated Intakes Advice

Hi Guys!
Our team wanted to build actuated intakes, similar to the ones in the videos attached:
2775J Reveal
5686G Intakes
Taran Mayer Ratchet Tutorial

I have some questions about those intakes.

  1. Since a lot of bearings would be used and a lot of sprockets/gears and C-channels installed in between, how can you minimize friction in this case?
  2. Would blue (600 rpm) motors work better or the green (200 rpm) motors?

Any advice and answer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


make sure bearings are aligned and well lubricated, and that shafts are straight and remain unbent



I would also suggest asking the people that you listed. They are prob more than willing to answer questions.

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Might also be worth looking at 2775J’s annotated programming skills challenge entry if you haven’t already, in which they talk briefly about their actuated intakes and show some shots of them.


Hey! I can probably help here.

For #1 I would just say to make sure bearings are aligned with metal and with each other for minimal friction. Like @Ethan5956F said you can use lubricant if you want to.
For #2, IMO the 200 RPM motors are pretty essential to having enough torque to open the intakes (depending on goal tightness and intake roller material). Also note that the amount of strength required to open the rollers is proportional to the distance from the outermost roller to the axis of rotation. (i.e. longer rollers take more torque to open).

Because of the high amount of torque on the main axle, its probably a good idea to use a high strength axle there, especially with longer rollers. Let me know if you have an issues in the future!