Add a wireless interface to your Vex robot!

Using a trainer port enabled radio like the ones used on r/c planes and the PCTx you can take control of your Vex platform via a PC side application. See for more details. This interface will not work with the Vex transmitter.

will this workwith the vex controller?

okay, this is terrible, no i dont think it will work.

Fortunately VEX uses standard R/C equipment. The VEX controller can be replaced with a Futaba transmitter for instance. I found a stand alone Futaba 4YF transmitter on ebay for < $25.

Several API’s are ready to go. For the price this is a great way to get your VEX robot under computer control.

The PCTx at states it has “Adjustable pulse width”, see Transmitter / Receiver Data Format
at VexFan for Info on the Vex Pulse Width.