Adding a complement to engineering notebook

Good morning!

My team and I were thinking of adding a small additional notebook with hand sketches to the engineering notebook delivery, since we are doing our main engineering notebook digitally using Google Docs.

We wondered if this is legal or if we must find another alternative. Hand sketches really don’t look good in the digital version.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t be legal (I didn’t do any research before I posted this so feel free to correct me if anyone finds something that contradicts this), but remember that the engineering notebook should be completed to benefit your team and document everything along the process in an organized manner. That being said, I would recommend maybe manually sketching things on the other notebook if you want to use that and taking pictures of those sketches and inserting it to your engineering notebook. It would better show your team’s thought process in my opinion.

Happy notebook documenting!

Thank you, the truth is that I am worried about the possibility that they will not accept my delivery of complementary documentation. Now I feel calmer.

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Above response almost complete, but… So, it would not be conforming if the event accepts digital submissions of notebooks. Best practice would be to take a snapshot of your hardcopy drawings/illustrations and insert into digital notebook in the order they were created in your design process as you will not be allowed to bring hardcopy notebook to event for consideration during notebook reviews. If you are maintaining a digital notebook and event requires hardcopy, you will need to print out the digital notebook and bring it to the event.

I would recommend that teams read carefully the Guide to Judging as it is meant to clarify such issues.


An alternative to taking a picture off your phone (which work pretty well to get hand drawn images into a google doc quickly) would be to use a document scanner or the scanner on a printer if available. If you/your teammates don’t have the capability to do so yourself, you should be able to find someone who can do it in your school’s copy room or at a local library. For the copy room, I would ask your teacher if they could ask for you/help you scan the images in.