Adding brain to iPad using bluetooth radios

Hi all,

I’ve got 6 kits for my class and having a bit of a nightmare!
We were give a total of 4 bluetooth radios for use with the iPads to download code to brains, however, I’ve only been able to successfully add one brain to one iPad in my class.
I followed the exact same steps with other brains and other iPads and now they aren’t connecting to one another but when i go to add the brains again, I get a message saying that it can’t be done because the ID number is already being used by another device.
Most of the iPads are iPad 2 with ios9.3.5. I’ve tried to update them but there’s no update available for them.

Any suggestions on how to solve this? REALLY want to be able to get properly stuck in to programming tomorrow but this is causing such problems! We have national competitions in less than 6 weeks and the kids are nowhere near ready because of this!


Miss O’Brien

I’ve just tried adding multiple ones to my iPad (on 10.2.1 though) and no issues. I’m sure we have used plenty of older versions of the OS in the past. Is this the UK Nationals that you are getting ready for?

Hi calvc01. Thanks for your reply. We managed to figure it out - the bluetooth on the ipad2 is not compatible with the chips so we needed to use some of the newer ipads. Bit annoying but at least it’s sorted. Yes, we’re getting ready for UK nationals. Still have a long way to go but we’re getting there!

Ahh, of course. Bluetooth 4.0 is from iPad 3 upwards…Good luck with the preparations and see you at Nationals in a couple of weeks!