Adding omni wheels to a mechanum drive

I was wondering if you could add omni wheels to a mechanum drivetrain. Now hear me out, this may sound insane, but it could work. The omni wheels drive forward and turn like the mechanums, but when you strafe it doesn’t move. Since the omni wheels have rollers, they could move sideways right? I haven’t used mechanum wheels before, so I’m seeing if people that have used them before can give me advice

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While it might be possible, I honestly dont see much point. It just seems like a worse asterisk drive, and astrisks drive don’t seem very competitive. the current drivetrain meta (for this game at least) is 6 or 4 wheel tank drive, 4 wheel x drive, or 4 wheel mechanum drive, all with gear ratios differing between teams.

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So basically an Asterix drive


It works. One of my sister teams (67101J) did this for worlds this year and they didn’t have any problems with it.


it sounds like a great way to combine the power of a 6m tank drive with the strafing ability of a mecanum drive.

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If you try that, I would recommend using the new anti-static 4" omni wheels because they are actually 4" in diameter. The old omni wheels say 4" but are really 4.125". With the thicker wheels you may loose traction and have difficulty strafing with the mecanum wheels.


Is your team looking to add more power to the drive train? as one solution is to add a differential to the drivetrain, my boys did something similar in IQ to use 3 motors in the drivetrain.

It will require some serious thinking and programing, but I’m sure it’s achievable

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