Adding on to double no show

This was in official Q&A so I made this in general competition since it seems to be a generic rule and not something from this year.

We ran into this exact situation in a match this past weekend where both Red teams were a no-show in a qualification match. The Blue them then sent lots of balls into the Red nets to seemingly increase their SP’s, but I was then told the Blue team would get their score as the SP’s. I guess we all have to learn the rule book better.

But the nice thing is the Tournament Manager scores this correctly for you automatically when you mark both the teams of an alliance as a no show. The SP’s for that match on the Blue alliance went in their as winning score with the red teams getting 0 SP’s that match. Those balls the Blue team shot in the red net counted for no one.

(I think it was match 34 of DCCS event HS division