Additional High Strength Chain

Would it be possible to sell additional high strength chain separately without the attachment links? At the moment our team often runs out of the high strength chain, but we have more attachment links than we know what to do with. Basically,

but high strength chain or


without the attachment links.](

or if you are really desperate and rich, you can cut some unused tank treads :slight_smile:

That’s actually not a bad a idea. :slight_smile:

This is true (this was done alot in the elevation days), but it is considerably weaker than high strength chain

This is why there should be a peer to peer trading program for parts. That way we could get what we need from and give/sell the excess to other teams. I don’t know if VEX would be OK with that though.

whats wrong with that?
we all do it at local competitions all the time :stuck_out_tongue:
right now we have a $300 unused pneumatics kit thats just rotting away in the store room
we would LOVE to trade it for some aluminum kits ^^

but if you are saying something like overseas shipping, then i dont think it would be worth it because the shipping costs are so high relative to the item itself

I agree; attachment links are not used very often, and one is certainly not used for every 7 segments of high-strength chain (as the product quantities would seem to indicate).

I would love to get my hands on that pneumatics kit, and we do have a lot of extra 1x5x35 aluminum c-channels…