Addressable LEDs with v5 brain?

Can you use the v5 brain to control addressable led strip lights? I want to make an led under glow for the upcoming game but external microcontrollers are banned. This means that any led lighting has to be controlled by the brain. The lights will not be functional, I just want to make our bot stand out on the field with a nice pattern always showing. I plan to power the lights externally with a USB battery. The light strips will be ws2812b lights with a logic voltage of 5v.

Yes it’s possible, but due to the slow update rate on the V5 ports (10ms) you will have a very hard time lighting up the entire strip before the match is over.

I have heard rumors that something is (potentially?) in the works to address (haha get it) this, but I’m not positive.


yea Taran has a full design on it

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No, these are not addressable, this simply lets you illuminate the full strip to a single color - not what the OP was asking. Also, until grant replies to my email notice me senpai, this isn’t legal for use in VRC.


oh ((20charaters))----but it was a cool idea

As a side note, the game manual explicitly allows lights to serve the function of giving the drive team visual feedback, so there are absolutely zero worries here.


yes master twenty chara

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