Addressing Community Concerns -- Team 315

We’d like to clear up some confusion around a qualification match (Engineering A #6) 315T played where the camera disconnects for several seconds and the robot appears to have moved after the autonomous period has ended. The reason this occurred was because of a disconnection issue which resulted in the team needing to refresh their LRT software. This had the unintentional and unexpected effect of causing their autonomous to resume and run till the end. Additionally, you can check the autonomous score yourself to ensure that no points scored after the end of auton were granted (in fact, blue still received 2 fewer points than they should have). Furthermore, there are plenty of videos of other matches 315T has played showing their autonomous successfully running till the end and completing within 15 seconds.

As an organization, we hold our team members to the highest standards. We firmly believe that all teams are entitled to a fair competition, and if we knew that any of our teams were engaging in dishonest behavior to gain an unfair advantage, they would no longer be a part of the organization.

We would also like to caution the community against getting caught up in a mob mentality to harass other teams. You don’t know the details of the situation, nor do you know the emotional trauma you may be causing to an innocent party (in this case, a middle school team of 1 in their second year of VEX). Please treat each other with respect and understanding, and keep in mind that the conclusion that you may want to draw from such an incident may simply be detached from reality.


Thank you for sharing. I am grateful to hear your side of what happened. I always try to reserve any thoughts I may have until I’ve heard from both (or multiple) perspectives. The video that went around certainly did look unfavorable.

I also know from personal experience that hosting an Event is hard. Doing it remotely is even harder. Hosting on a world-wide scale is MONUMENTAL. I applaud RECF and @DanMantz for the efforts they have put forth to make this Worlds Event; heck, even making this year happen!!! I cannot begin to fathom what went on behind the scenes.

Please let your MS student that she did an incredible job this year and I, for one, am proud of her hard work!!! Congrats on winning the Tournament Championship!


Great job at Worlds guys! You guys did awesome!


What an amazing job 315T did. Her driving and strategy were spot on. From here on out, I will give the benefit of the doubt to the 315 org.