Addressing Concerns - 62B

We would like to address concerns about Worlds Finals match #1-3, in which 62B touched goal F at the end of the match. The image in question is this:


This was posted to my Instagram story which was shared on the official 62 Instagram. From the picture it looks as if the robot was not touching the goal. This is true: the ziptie we used to contact the goal was indeed not touching the goal when the picture was taken. If this was the case when the match ended, we should have lost the match. We took this picture after the match was scored and we celebrated by running around the field and slapping the robot out of excitement. The ziptie on the hood was shifted and instead of touching the goal it rested on the top ball.

Here are the images that were taken and presented to the referees for scoring:



The ziptie was clearly touching the goal.

Here is 4K footage of our match: 62B Worlds Finals 1-3 - YouTube

At around 1:40 (when the final ball was scored and the match ended) the ziptie was pressing against the goal and clearly not in the same position as shown in the picture.

Sorry for causing any misunderstandings. Hopefully this clears things up and we can move on as a community.


Thanks for the clarification and congrats on being world champs!