Adjust controller neutral deadband?

I have a robot running VEXos 2.0.2, and I have calibrated the controller. However, there is still some residual movement with the joysticks in the neutral position. Sometimes it goes away after a few seconds. Sometimes it will go away if I flick the joystick. It appears the center deadband is not quite wide enough. Is this adjustable?

Also, the calibration screen is fully graphical now. The calibration video (, which was created with older firmware, shows numerical values. Is there a mode available now that will display the raw values (i.e. to get an idea of what range of values the controller is outputting while centered)? (Maybe this is possible through a user program? I’m just getting started with this system with a group of kids and haven’t completely delved into all its capabilities yet.)



Currently the only way to adjust the deadband on your Controller is through Calibration.
The raw values can be found on the brain under: Driver Control> Run> ^ > Controller
alfa (2.31 KB)